Bring better quality fashion products to market faster.

Give your team the tools they need to take your fashion brand to the next level.

Digital Tech Packs

Create, share and communicate in one centralised platform

Manage product sampling, quality and production

Take control of your suppliers

Unleash your team’s potential with Digital Tech Packs

Take your Tech Packs to the next-level and get the necessary tools to build better pieces faster and more efficiently.

Component-Level Architecture: Utilise a Reusable Card Framework for Components, Artwork, and Measurements.

Take a more efficient design approach and breakdown your products into their core elements of Components, Artwork and Measurements. Build reusable cards, store them in your library and use them to build new pieces faster.

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Tag Components to take your Design Drawings to the Next Level

Use intuitive design and mark-up tools to directly tag components on to your designs. Make those designs interactive by just clicking on tagged components to quickly navigate the constituents that make up your Product.

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Streamline Collaboration and Share your Product Specs with your team for Real-Time Collaboration.

Say goodbye to emailing hundreds of pdf & excel files and effortless share product specs with your team members, manufacturers and retailers anywhere. Work on, update and revise tech packs simultaneously and get the most out of your team.

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Save Time and Mistakes by having your Manufacturer on the same Page

Stop switching between pdf, excel files and messenger apps and have it all in front you in one platform.

Mistakes can be costly. With one always updated product spec never worry about the wrong version ending up with your manufacturer.

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Evolved Design: Leverage Ready-Made Templates from Design Professionals

Leverage hundreds of ready-made and customisable templates already developed by industry leading designers. Use templates for everything from materials , artwork and labels to design measurements. Designing new ranges has never been so easy.

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Component Cards
Design Tools
Share and Collaborate
Ready-to-use templates
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Take control of Product Development

Use SupplyScope to manage your product from idea to customer.