Say goodbye to multiple Excel sheets by keeping all of your record in one place.

Organise and categorise product data for easy access and retrieval

Create tailored onboarding flows for new suppliers.

You can do it all.
With SupplyScope.

Streamline Specification with Reusable Materials and Components

Adopt a more efficient design approach by breaking down your products into core elements such as materials and components. Create reusable cards, store them in your library, and speed up the development of new products.

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Technical Product Specifications & Compliance in One Centralised Platform

  • Turn regulations into actionable requirements.
  • Manage site certification across your suppliers.
  • Store and manage reports and documentation.
  • Create Compliance workflows.
  • Get your supplier to upload test reports based on your test plan
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Streamline Collaboration and Share your Product Specs With Your Team for Real-Time Collaboration

Say goodbye to the days of manually checking PDFs and spreadsheets. Manage your reports and documentation with automated timelines and expiration reminders based on your digital test plans.

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Tired of switching between Paint and Excel?

Collaboratively add notes, comments, and specifications directly to your product images with SupplyScope’s mark-up tool.

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Tired of endless PDF exports?

Effortlessly share your product specification files both internally & outside of your team. Control exactly what you share and who can access your shared files.

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Track, Change or Approve.

Keep track of the latest changes to your products with a digital audit log. See what changes have been made, when they happened, and who made them.

Accidental changes? No problem! Easily revert back to previous iterations using the audit trail.

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Product Specifications
Compliance & Testing
Tasks & Reminders
Feedback & Design
Collaborate & Sharing
Audit & Versioning
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Managing Product Test Reports has never been easier.

Create tasks and share upload links with your team and suppliers, allowing them to upload documents directly to your test plans.

Supplier onboarding with quality in mind.

Build custom onboarding questionnaires to easily capture technical and ethical requirements from your suppliers.

👋 Say goodbye to the old ways.

By starting with a single platform, organisations can better manage and streamline their processes, improve communication, and increase efficiency. This can also help to establish a common language and understanding among stakeholders, leading to more effective collaboration and innovation.

Remove data issues, lost files and clunky files into one source of truth

Create audit trails, reminders and remove key person risk by keeping communication in one place.

Validate your PDFs to prevent fake test reports and discrepancies.

Store images linked to products sampling for quality control.

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